Russian Visa in Beijing

As always the website of the embassy is shit and the visa requirements page didn’t work for me when I needed it. Russia is a tricky country because regarding the visa they have sort of different policies in different countries and it’s pretty frustrating to go to the embassy just to find out you are [...]

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798 Art Zone aka Dashanzi Art District

What is avant-garde anymore? Finally, FINALLY, I actually went to 798 Art Zone instead of always thinking about going there. Unfortunately I choose Monday of all days, because I forgot what weekday it was and that this specific weekday is an universal holiday for museums and also galleries. A lot of places were closed but many [...]

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Kids in Places Photo Collection

Part I/II I got this idea while walking on the street and randomly snapping a pic of a Chinese kid. I think they look so damn cute in their puffy winter clothes. Jokingly I told my friend I am going to make a blog post about ‘Kids in Places’ but he actually said that it [...]

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Back in Beijing

Click here for a map of the trip Last evening I came back to Beijing, which felt like a miracle. Many times during my 9 day trip I felt like I would never get back and for the rest of the times I didn’t want to go back until that one day when everything went [...]

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Holiday Travel Plans

Chinese New Year is nearing and I will have 9 days off work, which makes me lucky. At our hotel not many people get a long holiday, a few days at most. The public holiday is 3 days 31st-2nd. But the VIP lounge is closed for a week and 3 days so that’s why I [...]

You have lived in China for too long when…

For those who like to take everything seriously and get offended by all possible things: this is just a joke (and in every joke there is a bit of truth, he he). I hope you have fun while going through this list. Squat toilets without walls is a normal thing and you start thinking the [...]

About Chinese Food

What is Chinese cuisine? That’s a hard question to answer because the ingredients and cooking styles vary with every region and minority. In some regions food is traditionally spicy, in others sweet. So many different dishes and tastes. Chinese cuisine is like a world on it’s own. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s brilliant. They say [...]